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Wellness is a holistic approach to living a healthy and happy life. Through the integration and balance of each of the dimensions, individuals move through a continuum toward optimal health and functioning. Importantly, wellness is more than just the absence of disease. Wellness is a positive state in which an individuals knowledge, attitude, perception, and skill of each dimension is critical in establishing the desired behavior for success as they move through the continuum in achieving optimal health and functioning. To learn more about our services addressing health, fitness, nutrition and wellness, continue reading below!


Ergonomics Consulting

A Splendid Earth Wellness assists employers and employees with workplace postures and movement behaviors by evaluating job requirements and employees to design a Wellness and Ergonomics program that corrects musculoskeletal disorders, such as back and neck pain, stemming from environmental exposures such as prolonged sitting or repetitive motions.

Prolonged, stationary postures, such as sitting in a chair, contribute to the development of musculoskeletal disorders. Dr. K encourages people to incorporate alternative sitting by using a stability ball for parts of your workday. Additionally, creating an environment that promotes movement is essential for health. Dr. K suggests simple equipment such as stability balls and resistance tubing.

For more information on how to improve your employees health and wellness, contact Dr. K for a consultation.

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Personal Wellness Coaching

Improving your health is a personal journey that often requires directed attention and expertise. Dr. K has 25 years’ experience in health and wellness. She has assisted hundreds of individuals with their wellness journey and she has experienced her own health challenges which she has come back from with even more vigor and passion for health and helping others find their wellness path.

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personal training

Group Fitness Programs

There is no better motivation to get you moving and having fun than a great Group Fitness class. A Splendid Earth Wellness offers the best in Group Fitness instructed by experienced instructors.

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Our programs!


B3 (barre, bands and balls)

Do you want to build muscle, improve flexibility and balance? Try this fun, fast-paced, energy-pumping class that incorporcates barre-based movements, resistance band strength exercises, and stability & mini ball exercises. B3 will work your balance, and coordination and will ramp- up the workload of your musculoskeletal system - creating a big energy demand. Step up to the Barre and get a great and unique workout.


Golden Gears

Your muscles and your bones are the working ‘gears’ of your body. Over time, the wear and tear from your jobs, injuries, as well as bad postures contribute to painful joints and discomfort when moving and doing daily activities. Golden Gears is designed to improve your muscle and joint range-of-motion, ease your movements, and add some fun to your day. Join Dr. K as she teaches you what your body needs, and fun, simple exercises that will improve your movement and decrease your pain.


Core Cinch

Strength, flexibility, balance, coordination combine to produce functionality - the ability to successfully execute and co*mplete daily tasks and activities. This class will provide corrective exercise movements designed to improve muscle strength, and mobility and stability of the shoulder, hip, knee and ankle joints. Core Cinch will also incorporate static and dynamic balance conditioning, and coordinative movement patterns.


Ready to Ride

Do you want to spend more time trail-riding? Do you need help getting on & off the saddle. Is feeding and caring for your horse becoming too much work? Then you need to get Ready-to-Ride with Dr. Kelly Jo Baute. She will assess you, then design AND teach you a program to help you get stronger and more flexible so that you can contin- ue your favorite hobby.


Sports Conditioning 101

Motor control, speed, agility, motivation, nutrition and more. Sports Conditioning 101 will teach student-athletes about the biomechanics of sport performance, lifting and movement techniques, healthy nutrition, and fun, yet challenging sports conditioning drills. Become a faster, stronger and smarter athlete!


Pretty as a picture

Getting ready to walk down the aisle? Maybe across the stage? Then you will want to walk with confidence and poise. Build better posture and sculpt your body with this unique, 8-week, Posture Training program developed and coached by Kelly Jo Baute, PhD.


Power House

The center, the core, the heart - the driving force or source of power for all the movements that we execute. We need a strong center to support all of our tasks of daily living, from standing upright with correct posture to carrying a load such as groceries or the kids around. If the core is weak we will not have good biomechanical alignment and musculoskeletal stability. Powerhouse is a Pilates-based class utilizing classical mat exercises, as well as barre-based movements, bands and stability balls. This class will teach body awareness and control and build long, lean and mobile muscles and joints.


Move with me

Inspire your child to enjoy and engage in lifelong healthy activities. Move with Me is a movement-based class, for parents and their children (infant—6 years), developed to assist parents in learning and identifying developmental milestones, teaching you and your child fun movements that improve mobility and stability of joints and muscles, as well as providing a fun, positive and cooperative environment for your child to develop and learn healthy behaviors.

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